Town of Mosheim, Greene County, Tennessee


Mosheim, TN

Lick Creek Treatment Station

Lick Creek Treatment Facility    The Lick Creek Treatment Station is the Town of Mosheim sewer treatment facility. The facility treats an average of approximately 600,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The biggest hindrance is folks who discard items that are not compatible with the equipment such as the supposed disposable Baby Wipes, while baby wipes claim to be sewer safe the are in fact Not compatible with the treatment plants. The wipes do not decompose and inevitably wind up clogging the pumps which them have to be taken off line, manually disassembled and cleaned and then be reinstalled into the system.

Lick Creek Facility operations office.     This facility is operated by Steve Holzerman with the help of Steve Campbell who is the electrician, along with David Holzerman and Andrew Evans, both of whom do the maintenance. They are aided by addition of Lab Technician; April Fuller. The facility is inspected by the State of Tennessee and files water quality reports with the state and federal authorities.

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Lick Creek Teatment Facility    There are many lift stations throughout the system that are part of the sewer system. These lift stations help move the waste through the piping and to the treatment facility. Many of the lift stations are equipped with a red warning light to indicate an issue with the station. If you see one of these red lights on or flashing, please call the Town Hall at 423-422-4051 and let us know there is a problem. There in No Charge for the Maintenance personal to check the condition of a lift station.

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    This facility operates best when residents cooperate and not dispose of incompatible items.  

    Do Not Flush Any Of the Following . . .
  • Feminine Products, they clog the pumps
  • Baby Wipes, even if the package indicates "Flushable"
  • Paper Towels - these do not disintegrate and hinder the operation of the pumps

    These items will stop up the pumps in the sewer tanks, Charges could apply to the homeowner . . .

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The Treatment Plant in Operation . . .

Primary Clarifier Bio Tower
Aeration Tanks Digester

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